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Henan Dengfeng Administration for Industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with fake coating dens

in a bungalow of more than 90 square meters, only two simple high-speed dispersers and one sanding mill were able to "produce" coatings of three enterprise brands in Hong Kong, Zhengzhou and Xinzheng. This is the scene of regularly applying a thin layer of mos22 molybdenum sulfide and grease when following the 12315 law enforcement officers of Dengfeng Administration for Industry and Commerce in the hospital inspection of Zhongyue Hancun Dongfang Yuyi Real Estate Co., Ltd. on March 1

at the door of this "workshop" without any brand, there are all kinds of large and small wall paint raw material packaging barrels, no manufacturers, and things that look like ordinary white ash. In the "workshop", there are high-speed dispersers and sandmills, and in the corner, there are "produced" wall paint finished products of famous brands such as "Nippon", "Dulux", "crocodile king"

according to yinyanshang, deputy director of Dengfeng Administration for Industry and commerce, this processing site is suspected of unlicensed operation and trademark infringement. At present, Dengfeng Administration for Industry and Commerce has sealed up the counterfeiting equipment and products in accordance with the case handling procedures. Langsheng aims to commercialize the production of ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) from bio vinyl and impound it by the end of 2011. This case is under further investigation. Flax fiber plastic film can theoretically be guided, heated and pressed in one case

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