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2018 summary of urban lighting planning across the country

the promotion and publicity of urban culture with the development of the times, its presentation methods are also developing towards diversification, and lighting is undoubtedly the most modern form of charm and embodiment

with the development of the times, the promotion and publicity of urban culture is also developing in a diversified way, and lighting is undoubtedly the most modern form of charm and embodiment

in order to strengthen the construction of urban night lighting and promote the development of urban modernization, in 2018, all parts of the country have introduced corresponding urban lighting planning measures, each with its own characteristics. Jinan wants to build "Twelve sceneries of Jinan", Guangzhou wants to build "great beautiful Pearl River", Chongqing wants to build "internationally renowned night city"...

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create "Twelve scenic spots in Jinan"

in November 2018, the master plan for urban lighting in Jinan (2018-2035) (hereinafter referred to as "the plan") was officially approved by the municipal government

the planning objects include the functional lighting and landscape lighting of urban roads, tunnels, squares, parks, public green spaces, places of interest and other buildings (structures) in the urban planning area

the chapter of landscape lighting is to take cultural management as a part of night scenery and create the night image of Spring City alone. The planning selects the historical and cultural characteristics that can best represent the temperature of the air flow near the wall of Jinan calendar box, which is usually 2 ~ 3 ℃ different from the temperature of the center of the flow field, and conforms to the "two cores, three belts, five centers, and multiple points" of the primary and secondary layout of urban planning and construction organization as the landscape lighting framework, combined with the "one lake and one ring" lighting project, to form the "Twelve sceneries of Jinan"


build a "great beautiful Pearl River"

in June 2018, the guidelines for urban design and detailed landscape planning of key sections (three ten kilometers) of the Pearl River landscape belt (hereinafter referred to as "guidelines") passed the approval of the Guangzhou municipal government

the guidelines clearly pointed out that to create a "beautiful Pearl River" and realize the 30 kilometer opening of the boutique Pearl River. Tailored to the respective features of the "three ten kilometers" area of the Pearl River, we will create a targeted and distinctive theme of night lighting features, and strive to be pleasing to the eye

West ten kilometers: a garden style waterfront corridor that combines Chinese and Western styles and shows urban changes. It chooses warm yellow as the main color tone, restricts the use of colored light, and highlights the historical landscape style of the combination of Chinese and Western styles

middle ten kilometers: Lingnan waterfront, which is modern and diverse, highlights the charm of urban culture and the characteristics of innovation agglomeration. With the new central axis as the lighting axis, it mainly focuses on white light and warm white light, showing the night scene theme of urban vitality and rich levels

East ten kilometers: the East ten kilometers, where the ecological low-carbon, dynamic and open modern port city is located, will take Yuzhu business district as the key lighting area, mainly with warm white light, and allow local color light


build an internationally renowned night city

in September 2018, the Chongqing municipal government issued the Chongqing action plan for improving urban comprehensive management (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") clearly proposed to press a hardened steel ball of a certain size (generally 10mm in diameter) into the material surface with a certain load (generally 3000kg), highlighting fine management and promoting "big city tube". There are 14 tasks for "big city tube", including creating high-quality night lighting, making "Chongqing lamp appreciation" an influential urban theme brand, and fully displaying the beauty of modern metropolis, such as mountain soul, water charm and humanity

the plan also gives clear instructions: the construction of landscape lighting such as Shuangbei bridge, Jialing River Bridge and Gaojia garden double track bridge in 2019; From 2020 to 2021, gradually implement the improvement and improvement of landscape lighting in the main urban area, highlight the characteristics of mountain city, river city and never night city, and create a bright, elegant, dynamic and static three-dimensional landscape urban night scene; By 2022, build a "domestic first-class and internationally renowned" night view of the city


avoid "thousands of buildings and one side", and reject "thousands of buildings and one side"

in February 2018, the overall plan for landscape lighting on both sides of the Huangpu River (hereinafter referred to as "the plan") was officially approved by the Shanghai Municipal People's government

Shanghai is one of the first cities in the world to develop landscape lighting on a large scale. However, with the passage of time, the development of "Night Shanghai" has gradually exposed problems such as inadequate and uneven development

in view of the above problems, the plan expands the scope of landscape lighting improvement and Transformation: the northernmost is Wusongkou, and the southernmost is Xupu Bridge, covering even more than the 45 km coastline involved in the public space connection and opening project on both sides of the Huangpu River

according to the plan, the night of Huangpu River will no longer be the "dominant" of thebund and Lujiazui. Dozens of public enterprises should strengthen their own enterprises with the concept of being responsible for consumers. On the riverside coastline of their enterprises, several key nodes will be created to carry different meanings and functions. In addition, the landscape lighting improvement and reconstruction project on both sides of the Huangpu River will also carry out an overall design of brightness, color temperature, color light, dynamic light, etc. "control the total amount, optimize the stock, and develop moderately", which will not only avoid "one thousand buildings", but also reject "one thousand buildings"


create an urban night scene that reflects the "Oriental charm"

in 2018, Hangzhou completed a 10-year lighting plan ahead of schedule, and the revision (Draft) of Hangzhou urban lighting master plan (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") was released

the plan clearly points out that Hangzhou will build an urban night scene with the style of "international famous city", reflecting the "Oriental charm", showing "Humanistic brilliance" and building a "charming Qiantang"

in accordance with the principles of "functionality, culture, landscape, economy, ecology and artistry", the plan looks forward to the new round of urban lighting development goals of Hangzhou from an international perspective, creates a night landscape that reflects the oriental charm of Hangzhou and the cultural characteristics of Jiangnan charm, and pays attention to the expression of humanistic color and close to human scale from a micro perspective

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establish a high-quality nightscape benchmark of Qingdao portal

in order to ensure the harmonious, orderly and healthy development of the night landscape of the West Coast new area, and improve the lighting quality and night urban characteristics of the city. In 2018, Qingdao prepared the special plan for urban lighting in Huangdao new area of Qingdao (hereinafter referred to as the "plan")

the plan clearly points out that the urban lighting construction of Qingdao West Coast new area should take advantage of the opportunity of Qingdao's national central city construction, combine the development deployment of the national new area, sort out the development direction and strategy of the urban lighting construction of the West Coast new area, provide a good basis for the future urban lighting construction of the new area, do a good job in control, ensure sustainable development, and promote the building of Qingdao's urban nightscape brand in the future, Establish a high-quality night view benchmark of Qingdao portal


build a "garden city on the sea"

in order to improve the quality of the night view of the city, highlight the charming image of the sea garden, and guide the night view lighting construction of the new city, Zhoushan has prepared the "regulatory planning and design of urban lighting in the new city of Zhoushan ()" (hereinafter referred to as "planning")

the plan clearly points out that the night scenery of Zhoushan should achieve "a clear urban outline, a clear urban context, and real urban zoning", and create a "garden city on the sea"

a lighting space layout of "one center, one ring, two axes and multiple nodes" is formed in the urban area by integrating many factors such as the urban spatial system, urban functions, urban historical protection, cultural characteristics, natural system and land use nature of the new city of Zhoushan


create an advanced urban lighting environment

in order to create an urban lighting environment that meets the advanced national ecological indicators, Datong urban and Rural Planning Bureau organized the preparation of the special plan for urban lighting in Datong (). The planning scope covers the central urban area of Datong, covering an area of 668 square kilometers. Including the functional lighting and landscape lighting planning of roads, streets and alleys, important buildings, squares, parks, public green spaces, etc. within the jurisdiction

planning goal of urban road lighting: full coverage of functional lighting, energy-saving and more pleasant lighting. The lighting fixtures installation rate and intact rate of main roads reach 100%, the lighting fixtures installation rate of secondary roads reach 100%, the intact rate reaches 98%, and the lighting fixtures installation rate of branch roads (streets and alleys) reaches 98%, and the intact rate reaches 95%. And reach the advanced urban lighting environment of national ecological indicators

the planning goal of urban landscape lighting: mountains, rivers and city sceneries reflect each other, and the ancient capital Yudong shines with auspicious light. Landscape lighting should create a form of urban night lighting that is coordinated with Datong's economic level, urban nature and functional zoning, and form a modern landscape lighting system with regional cultural characteristics, as well as a scientific concept of landscape lighting control. And meet the national requirements of ecological city lighting environment


shining Tianfu, colorful embroidery Chengdu

in May 2018, the special plan for landscape lighting in Central Chengdu (hereinafter referred to as "the plan") prepared by Chengdu Planning and Design Institute successfully passed the review of Chengdu Planning Commission

in combination with the cultural and geographical structure of Chengdu, and in accordance with the principles of urban master planning and urban design, the plan determines the theme of "shining Tianfu and colorful embroidery Chengdu", and defines five major planning goals of "displaying Chengdu's characteristic night scenery, improving citizens' happiness index, stimulating night economic development, promoting green environmental protection lighting, and achieving scientific and efficient management". The urban landscape lighting control strategy of "lighting appropriately, designing appropriately, guiding appropriately and controlling timely" is proposed

the landscape lighting core structure of "one center, three axes and four rings" in the central urban area of Chengdu is determined, and the water system, corridors and functional areas in the central urban area are extended at the same time. Determine that the lighting form is mainly static, and the combination of dynamic and static; The lighting color is mainly yellow and white, supplemented by warm yellow, and the nodes such as commerce and tourism are planned to appropriately create colorful landscape lighting

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